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A Plan for the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the State of Texas

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Exhibit A – ERP Workgroup Reports – Summary

Accounts Payable Workgroup

The Accounts Payable Workgroup was established to design an electronic travel voucher for use by employees of state agencies and institutions of higher education. Additionally, the workgroup considered the needs of the Texas Procurement and Support Services Division of the Comptroller’s office as well as those of the traveler agencies. The workgroup was led by Machelle Pharr of the Texas Department of State Health Services and was comprised of 40 participants, representing 23 state agencies and institutions of higher education. Highlights of the Findings include:

  • The current travel expense reimbursement process is a manual process for most agencies. This process is slow and the traveler is unable to determine the status of their reimbursement request. As a result, considerable time is spent responding to phone calls and e-mail messages regarding the status of travel reimbursements; and
  • The workgroup determined that the existing automated systems were designed to meet individual agency needs and may not be flexible enough to accommodate varying requirements of the state agencies and higher education.

Highlights of the Short Term Recommendations include:

  • Designing a Web-based travel system that meets the needs of travelers, state agencies and institutions of higher education, and
  • Including workgroup agencies in the development of system requirements and end user testing.

Highlights of the Long Term Recommendations include:

  • Proposed resolutions to address legislative and rule changes that will improve the travel reimbursement workflow, and
  • Additional phases of work that will allow for the booking of travel and approval of travel through the travel voucher system, as well as incorporating the reconciliation of travel advances.

During its second phase, the Accounts Payable workgroup produced detailed system requirements for a Web based travel voucher system.

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