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A Plan for the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the State of Texas

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Exhibit A – ERP Workgroup Reports – Summary

Statewide Considerations Workgroup

The Statewide Considerations Workgroup was established to study and make recommendations concerning the format and use of a Texas unique business identifier (UBID) for individuals and entities receiving payments and/or doing business with Texas state agencies and institutuions of higher education in order to stop using social security numbers and federal identification numbers as the primary key. The workgroup was led by Kay Rhodes of the Texas Tech University System and was comprised of 34 participants, representing 20 state agencies and institutions of higher education.

Highlights of the Findings include:

  • More than 50 unique identifiers are in use by various agencies;
  • Statewide, over 100 systems/processes utilize an SSN and/or UBID;
  • Many agencies have made significant investments in ERP systems;
  • Several agencies use SSNs as a UBID;
  • Multiple interfaces to statewide systems and other systems exist that depend on SSNs; and
  • Multiple data exchanges with entities outside the state exist.

Highlights of the Short Term Recommendations include:

  • Formalizing organizational accountability for SSNs by requiring all agencies to establish policies on the use and security of SSNs, and
  • Defining at the agency level, a plan to protect the confidentiality and integrity of SSNs including key areas such as safeguards for SSN collection and storage, and reducing the use and disclosure of SSNs.

Highlights of the Long Term Recommendations include:

  • Developing a unique business identifier (UBID) for Texas that is not based on SSNs, and will minimize the risks of SSN use, while not replicating the same paradigm that allows for identity theft,
  • Developing policies and procedures for the authentication of individuals and businesses requesting a UBID, and for minimizing or avoiding duplicate UBIDs,
  • Building central-system to agency-system crosswalks to link SSNs with the new UBIDs,
  • Generating UBIDs through a new statewide ERP system which could be used as primary identifiers, and
  • Continuing to maintain SSNs and Federal Employee Identification Numbers (FEINs) in the system as required for reporting and interfacing activities. However, the SSNs and FEINs would not be displayed on screens and reports, except to authorized users with specific business needs.

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