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A Plan for the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the State of Texas

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The ERP Advisory Council members would like to thank their respective agencies and institutions of higher education as well as the Comptroller’s office for the opportunity to contribute to this most important statewide initiative.

We would also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) workgroups that provided us with high-quality and timely recommendations for topic areas relevant to our plan. Each workgroup was led by a seasoned state professional who volunteered time to perform this important role. The workgroups and their leads were as follows:

Accounts Payable (E-Travel Voucher)

Machelle Pharr
Texas Department of State Health Services

Statewide Considerations (Unique Texas Business Identifier)

Kay Rhodes Texas
Tech University System

Global Data Standardization

Dr. Clair Goldsmith
University of Texas System

Asset Management and Inventory

Duane Sullivan
Texas Department of Transportation

Vehicle Fleet Management

Don Lewis Texas
Department of Transportation

A large number of subject-matter experts from various state agencies and institutions participated in each of these workgroups. We are grateful for their willingness to share their time and knowledge.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the work performed by the independent consulting firm of Salvaggio Teal & Associates (STA). Some sections of this document rely on data and findings presented in their September 17, 2008 report, Report on Business Case Analysis for a Statewide ERP System.

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