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A Plan for the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the State of Texas

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The ERP Plan


The advisory council recommends that the Comptroller implement BCA 3, the Hub Model, which was presented in the business case analysis prepared by STA and is shown in Figure 2. Under BCA 3, State agencies (with the exception of the Health and Human Services agencies and institutions of higher education) will migrate to a new Statewide ERP platform operated by the Comptroller’s ASP service. The HHS agencies and institutions of higher education would operate under a decentralized processing model as data reporting “hubs.” They would be interfaced into the Statewide Data Warehouse platform and their transactional data would be interfaced into the new ERP system. Should it be determined after requirements analysis that additional Hubs are needed, this model may be expanded. Under this model specific agency/institution transactional systems would be interfaced to the Statewide ERP System for addressing major functional needs such as financial and payment processing. The existing statewide legacy administrative systems (e.g., USAS, USPS, SPA, HRIS, SPRS, TINS) will be replaced by the Statewide ERP system that will provide all functionality identified in HB 3106.

BCA 3 – Hub Model Diagram

diagram of hub model overview described on the following pages

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