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CAPPS Style Guide — ProjectONE vs. CAPPS

What is ProjectONE and CAPPS?

ProjectONE* is the name given to the effort to create a statewide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financials and human resources (HR)/payroll solution for Texas state agencies.

  • * Please note that there is no space between “Project” and “ONE.”

Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS)* is the name of the financials and HR/payroll system that is being implemented by ProjectONE.

  • * Please note that “and” is spelled out — do not use an ampersand (&).
  • First reference: On first reference in an article, email or Web update, spell out the name of the system and introduce the CAPPS acronym in parentheses:
    • “The Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS) has been implemented at the Department of Information Resources and the Texas Department of Transportation.”
  • Second reference: On second and subsequent references, just use the acronym.
    • “CAPPS is more cost effective to maintain and upgrade than current statewide accounting systems.”

When do I use ProjectONE or CAPPS?

Use ProjectONE when describing the overall ERP effort in Texas or when referencing the team of people who are working to implement CAPPS.


  • “Agency involvement is an important part of the ProjectONE approach.”
  • “The ProjectONE team includes staff from the Comptroller’s office and SMEs from participating agencies.”

Use CAPPS when describing the system and its capabilities.


  • “The CAPPS program model offers agencies two alternatives — CAPPS Central and CAPPS Hub.”
  • “CAPPS addresses multiple requirements in each report so agencies can eliminate many of their existing reports.”

In some cases, you may use both terms in a sentence.


  • “ProjectONE will continue to implement CAPPS at state agencies across the state.”
  • “CAPPS is updated as the ProjectONE team receives user feedback from agencies.”


For questions on when to use the terms ProjectONE or CAPPS, please contact Alison Williams at or (512) 463-4539.