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CAPPS Style Guide — ProjectONE vs. CAPPS

What is ProjectONE and CAPPS?

ProjectONE* is the name given to the effort to create a statewide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financials and human resources (HR)/payroll solution for Texas state agencies.

  • * Please note that there is no space between “Project” and “ONE.”

Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS)* is the name of the financials and HR/payroll system that is being implemented by ProjectONE.

  • * Please note that “and” is spelled out — do not use an ampersand (&).
  • First reference: On first reference in an article, email or Web update, spell out the name of the system and introduce the CAPPS acronym in parentheses:
    • “The Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS) has been implemented at the Department of Information Resources and the Texas Department of Transportation.”
  • Second reference: On second and subsequent references, just use the acronym.
    • “CAPPS is more cost effective to maintain and upgrade than current statewide accounting systems.”

When do I use ProjectONE or CAPPS?

Use ProjectONE when describing the overall ERP effort in Texas or when referencing the team of people who are working to implement CAPPS.


  • “Agency involvement is an important part of the ProjectONE approach.”
  • “The ProjectONE team includes staff from the Comptroller’s office and SMEs from participating agencies.”

Use CAPPS when describing the system and its capabilities.


  • “The CAPPS program model offers agencies two alternatives — CAPPS Central and CAPPS Hub.”
  • “CAPPS addresses multiple requirements in each report so agencies can eliminate many of their existing reports.”

In some cases, you may use both terms in a sentence.


  • “ProjectONE will continue to implement CAPPS at state agencies across the state.”
  • “CAPPS is updated as the ProjectONE team receives user feedback from agencies.”


For questions on when to use the terms ProjectONE or CAPPS, please contact CAPPS Governance at