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From The Administrator, the quarterly electronic newsletter of the Texas State Agency Business Administrators’ Association (TSABAA), April 2018

CAPPS Update: CAPPS Deployment Highlights FY17–FY18

The Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program gives Texas agencies the ability to manage operations with reliable, real-time data. The project kicked off in Fiscal Year 2008, under ERP guidelines provided in the 80th Texas Legislature, with only three agencies. Today, CAPPS is currently in production at 56 agencies with integrated modules for human resources (HR), payroll, inventory management and accounting processes.

Financials Spotlight: Custom Cash Receipts Solution

The September 1, 2018 Financials deployment will include a new custom Cash Receipts module that will integrate Cash Receipts processes into CAPPS and USAS. Currently, a large number of agencies that receive money in the form of cash or checks use third-party systems to create these deposits and send information to General Ledger and USAS. The new CAPPS functionality creates a tightly-integrated single system that will standardize Cash Receipts processing for state agencies.

Talent Management Modules

The Talent Management modules were enhanced within the CAPPS HR/Payroll module suite in 2017 and are available as part of the comprehensive platform.

Recruit provides functionality to include posting job requisitions, reviewing candidates and processing new hires through an integrated system that interfaces with Currently, 10 agencies have implemented Recruit.

Learn delivers Learning Management System (LMS) functionality to the suite, enabling agencies to manage course content and track participant learning within the overall HR system. Currently, five agencies have implemented Learn.

Performance Management gives agencies a platform to create and track all aspects of performance management for their workforce using key indicator measurements, collaboration and team-goals tracking. Currently, 17 agencies have implemented Performance Management.

Business Objects

The Business Objects (BO) Enterprise Reporting Tool, also called Business Intelligence, is being upgraded to BO 4.1. CAPPS HR/Payroll production modules were upgraded to BO 4.1 on December 7, 2017 and Financials production modules will be upgraded May 29, 2018. The 4.1 upgrade integrates the tool into CAPPS Security which lets end-users access the tool using their CAPPS User ID and Password. The upgrade is consolidating universes, making queries easier while allowing more comprehensive data to be extracted. The upgrade also replaces JAVA with an HTML client. BO 4.1 online training is available on the CAPPS FMX website.

Next Steps

Progress towards statewide implementation of CAPPS continues with the addition of 23 agencies deploying in 2018 and another 33 planned for deployment in 2019. With this plan, the CAPPS Support Team expects to achieve the following goals by the beginning of Fiscal Year 2020 (excluding higher education institutions):

  • 92% of state spending managed through CAPPS Financials
  • 68% of state full-time employees administered through CAPPS HR/Payroll

Additional information, including a list of participating agencies, can be found on the ProjectONE website and the CAPPS FMX page.

Submitted by Tammy Ross