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From Statewise, Spring 2009

ERP report looks at the future of accounting technology

The Enterprise Resource Planning Advisory Council has completed the initial evaluation of the statewide accounting systems, as mandated by House Bill 3106 of the 80th Texas Legislature. The council's report, A Plan for the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the State of Texas, is available on the ERP project Web site.

Members of the ERP Advisory Council met throughout 2008 to study the reporting needs of state agencies and institutions of higher education. Particular focus was given to the current and future feasibility of the statewide legacy administrative systems (USAS, USPS, SPA, SPRS, HRIS, TINS), as well as the possibility of creating a common database and common software tools for all agency financial and human resources transactions.

"It has been great working with so many wonderful people from such a wide range of agencies and institutions," says Sandra Woodruff, manager of Fiscal Projects and Operations. "The advisory council was able to gather valuable input that will allow as to address the changing technological needs of Texas government."