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From Statewise, Winter 2010

ProjectONE Half-time Report

Management evaluates strategy and makes necessary adjustments

In the game of football, coaches design their playbooks and carefully analyze the effectiveness of each play. Was it successful? Can it be duplicated? What will the results be next time? They continually plan, execute, measure and adjust. We at ProjectONE use a similar approach. Recently, our ProjectONE coaches took a time out to look back at our performance thus far and determine what worked, what we can adjust for the next quarter, how to maintain our momentum and, ultimately, win the game.

What is ProjectONE? Formerly known as Texas ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), ProjectONE (Our New Enterprise) is the state’s groundbreaking effort that will create the foundation for a single set of books for Texas government. We have played a great game so far — now we need to keep our heads in the game and our eyes on the ball.

Key players

ProjectONE will integrate the Financial and Human Resource (HR)/Payroll systems on a more user-friendly Web-based system. On the Financials side, Deloitte was selected as the implementation vendor in December 2009 and continues as the vendor to implement the Financials system.

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) and the Central Texas Turnpike System at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are on track to implement Financials in September 2011. Financials for TxDOT and additional customizations for DIR are scheduled for September 2012. Now that the implementation dates are finalized, the team is advancing downfield and ready to tackle any obstacles that get in the way.


ProjectONE milestones one through eight have been delivered on schedule, a significant accomplishment for a project of this scope. Milestone eight was accepted and completed in September 2010, and included business process design documents, the data conversion plan and all test plans.

ProjectONE has identified over 5,400 HR requirements and over 2,400 financial requirements. The result of this compilation is now the most comprehensive list of statewide requirements ever compiled for the state. This represents a key step in developing a system that multiple agencies can deploy.

And The Winner Is…

Announcing the new name for the Texas ERP system: CAPPS.

CAPPS stands for Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System. (ProjectONE is the name of the project responsible for developing CAPPS.) Thanks to Paul Garza of the Statewide Human Resource Payroll Assistance team within the Fiscal Management Division of the Comptroller’s office for his winning idea!