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From Statewise, Spring 2010

The new face of ERP
ProjectONE blazes the trail for new systems

The Texas Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project has a new name and a new look. Now known as ProjectONE — Our New Enterprise, this project is bringing together subject matter expertise from agency employees, Comptroller’s office staff and a vendor team to integrate the financial and human resource/payroll systems on a more user-friendly Web-based system.

“ProjectONE was selected as the name to reflect the most important goal of this process: to guide state financial and human resources/payroll record keeping into one common system utilizing statewide standards,” says Sandra Woodruff, Fiscal Projects and Operations section manager and one of the ERP project managers. “This will eliminate the problem we currently have with incomplete or inconsistent data and create a single set of books for the state. The ProjectONE name really captures the spirit of what this project is doing — building our new enterprise statewide financial/human resource/payroll system.”

Agency staff members were introduced to the new name at the project kickoff meeting on Dec. 8, 2009. This event included remarks from Comptroller Susan Combs and Agency Steering Committee members James Bass (CFO of the Texas Department of Transportation), Charlotte Willis (Deputy CIO of the Health and Human Services Commission) and Bob Saathoff (CFO of the Department of Information Resources).

Step by step

“As-Is” or “current state” workshops were held with participating agencies in December and January to assess the existing processes being used and determine the processes that will be continued or modified under the new system. Requirements Gathering workshops have also begun and will continue through April.

In these and future workshops, agency staff and Comptroller subject matter experts will validate current agency business requirements and determine how standard processes will be incorporated into the new PeopleSoft software. Agency feedback will play a critical role in the development of the new system, so attendance and participation in these sessions are key to success.

What’s next?

For those agencies not involved in the current round of ERP, it isn’t too early — or too late — to think about future participation. The Comptroller’s ERP core team can help agencies identify available options (both interim and long-term solutions) and develop cost estimates.

Current options include:

  • Join the next phase of ERP – Agencies can work with Comptroller staff to develop cost estimates for their 2011 Legislative Appropriations Requests.
  • Convert to an Integrated Statewide Administrative System (ISAS) – Fiscal Management staff can work with the current maintenance vendor to develop an estimate of the cost to become an ISAS agency.
  • Become an internal user of Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) – Fiscal Management staff can also work with your staff to determine the steps and timeline necessary to convert you from a reporting agency to an internal user of USAS.

To begin discussions with the ERP core team on future involvement in ProjectONE, simply complete an Agency ERP Project Request form on the Texas ProjectONE Web site. Someone on the team will contact you for additional information or to set up a meeting.

Onward and upward

Meanwhile, participants in ProjectONE will move forward with their busy schedule. Agency and project staff will continue participating in Requirements Gathering workshops through April, while the ProjectONE communication and training team will begin working with agency project managers.

All the latest information on these and other activities is available on the redesigned, and renamed, ERP Web site. Visit often to stay informed of progress and new developments.