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From The Connection, the monthly newsletter of the Texas Health and Human Services System, August 20, 2012

CAPPS Update: Preview of Coming Attractions, Preparing for ‘Go Live’


Access HR will become CAPPS, the Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System, on Oct. 9.

Many things will stay the same with the current online, self-service human resources, timekeeping and payroll system, including time and leave entry, earnings statements and the selection and hiring process.

But the upgrade also offers several new features and improvements for current and former employees and managers such as:

  • Online W-2 access and printing.
  • More complete salary and compensation history.
  • Limited access for former employees to enter address updates and obtain earnings records.
  • More helpful reports for managers.
  • A new Performance Management module that has current and previous performance documents and gives employees the option to enter their own performance notes.

What Happens Before ‘Go Live’?

Before CAPPS launches on Oct. 9, data must be moved from Access HR to CAPPS — a process that will take five days, during which the Access HR system will be unavailable to employees, managers and people applying for health and human services jobs.

Because Access HR will be off-line from Oct. 4–8, no self-service actions can be entered in the system, which means:

  • Employees will not be able to certify their enter time, enter time and request leave, view their leave balances or earnings statements, or make other self-service actions in the system.
  • Managers will not be able to approve employees’ time and leave or enter October new hires into the system.

The downtime will not affect October paychecks for current active employees.

Preview of Coming Attractions

Employees and managers can get a preview of the new features that will be in CAPPS by checking out some new presentations on the CAPPS upgrade update page.

The “What’s New for Employees and Self-Service?” presentation has screen shots of new employee self-service pages, including the new acknowledgement page from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (required every time you enter CAPPS) and the new menu names, options and folder-view look.

The “What’s new for Managers and Self-Service?” gives managers a preview of:

  • New time, labor and leave pages, reports and processes.
  • New human resources pages and processes.
  • New learning and performance management processes.

The changes to employee self-service pages are fairly simple, so no training is needed to use the new system. Webinars in how to use the new system are planned for managers, work schedule administrators and job requisition coordinators during the month of September.

Additional resources for both employees and managers will include new CAPPS user guides in the system’s online Help menu, an online eBriefing that will provide an automated overview of the system, FAQs for employees and managers on the CAPPS upgrade update page.

Where to Get More Information

See the CAPPS Transition Highlights presentations and FAQs on the CAPPS upgrade update page and watch for CAPPS news articles in The Connection in coming months.