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From DIR Dialog, the monthly newsletter of the Department of Information Resources, March 2011

ProjectONE Update

The countdown is on! With less than six months to go before the Centralized Accounting and Payroll/ Personnel System (CAPPS) go live, the Testing phase is accelerating and the Training phase is just around the corner.

There are six types of testing events leading up to implementation. Functional testing comes first and is broken into two cycles. Cycle 1 began January 24, 2011, and is focused on verifying that each CAPPS module works the way it was designed. Cycle 2 will make sure the modules work together as planned. During the same timeframe, other testers are verifying that CAPPS meets federal and state accessibility guidelines. Still to come are integration, technical and performance testing. The final chapter of the testing phase will be User Acceptance Testing, which is scheduled to begin July 5.

If you attended the February Texas State Agency Business Administrators’ Association (TSABAA) meeting, you got to learn about the benefits CAPPS will provide to DIR staff. View the TSABAA presentation. The countdown has begun, so get ready to start your engines! CAPPS is on track to go live on September 1, 2011.