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From DIR Dialog, the monthly newsletter of the Department of Information Resources, June 2011

ProjectONE Update

The ProjectONE and DIR teams have been involved in the Integration Testing phase of the CAPPS system, which will provide early hands-on training opportunity for a few selected users. Tina Garner from Accounting and Erik Freymuth from Finance are among the fortunate firsts who will be part of this effort and have shared some of their initial impressions and future expectations regarding the deployment of the CAPPS system.

CAPPS is a significant improvement over the existing CDI system with basic features such as up-to-date web-based user interface, comprehensive module integration (e.g., purchasing, budgeting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc) and integration with reporting environment to streamline back-end office operations. In addition, it is anticipated that features such as online Automated Approval Workflows and Budget Check Alerts will improve overall business operations and enable the effective usage of resources.

The overall consensus is that the new CAPPS system will provide a number of benefits and improvements to the day-to-day operations in the Finance and Accounting areas. Their initial exposure to CAPPS has been positive and the system appears to be user friendly with the potential for stream-lining business operations at DIR and future agencies to adopt the system. The launch of this new system will not be without some challenges. The learning curve for CAPPS will be steep; nonetheless, the project team has been focused on taking reasonable measures to shorten this phase without losing effectiveness. Our team is up to the task and welcomes the challenge of being the first agency to pioneer and embrace the new consolidated CAPPS system and being part of the Project ONE team.