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From DIR Dialog, the monthly newsletter of the Department of Information Resources, August 2011

CAPPS Goes Live September 1 at DIR

On September 1, DIR will be the first agency in Texas to implement the full suite of financial modules in the Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS). Partnering with the ProjectONE team for the past two years, DIR has been actively involved in the planning, designing, and building of the system.

CAPPS eliminates obsolete business processes, including manual processing, duplicate data entry, paper processing, and manual reconciliation. This allows us to redirect employees from time-consuming data entry positions to mission-critical tasks and core business functions. In our current economic climate, many employees have been asked to perform multiple roles. By eliminating the outdated and manual procedures, we can streamline our workload.

Reports are just one example of the improved efficiency CAPPS provides. The ProjectONE team reviewed 450 reports now used by agencies—more than 70 percent of these can be eliminated by combining multiple criteria in a single CAPPS report.

As additional agencies implement CAPPS in the next several years, they will look to us to set the standard and help answer questions. DIR is leading the charge for the future of Texas government, and we are excited about the opportunity to shine.

Project One and CAPPS have meant additional work for a number of people at DIR, including: Allan Martin, Bob Saathoff, Barry Dersh, Sugie Day, Bob Hopper, Suzanne Krystopher, Ivan Smith, Eduardo Marquis, Carrie Cooper, Randa Maldonado, PJ Garner, Tina Garner, Dale Butler, Erik Freymuth, Melissa Pinales, Bob Jensen, Delores Williams, Skip Bartek, and Joy Bryant.