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From Transportation News, the bimonthly newsletter of the Texas Department of Transportation.
September-October 2011

CTTSCAPPS” Off New Finance System

On Sept. 1, the Central Texas Turnpike System (CTTS), a project of the Texas Turnpike Authority Division of TxDOT, and the Department of Information Resources became the first two agencies in Texas to implement the new statewide accounting system: CAPPS (an acronym for the Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System). CTTS will be using the general ledger and asset management modules of CAPPS.

TxDOT staff has been actively involved with the development of CAPPS from the beginning, providing input into establishing the requirements, designing the business processes and thoroughly testing the system. Our participation has helped us become comfortable with the new system, so when it is time for all of TxDOT to implement CAPPS, we will be ready.

What is so great about CAPPS?

For one thing, CAPPS is more user-friendly than our legacy systems that require the use of T-codes and overnight processing. CAPPS automates manual processes and runs them in real time. Because the modules in CAPPS are integrated, users do not have to enter as many keystrokes to complete tasks.

CAPPS will enable CTTS to record all assets in one accounting application,” explained Robert Snipes, ProjectONE Financials Business Lead in TxDOT’s Finance Division. “Our ability to track asset history will increase, as well as our ability to generate depreciation expense on depreciable assets without having to query the State Property Accounting system.”

CAPPS enables management and legislators to make decisions faster because they will gain access to key information easily. Lawmakers and taxpayers will also see enhanced accountability and transparency for government operations and funding.

As more agencies transition to CAPPS, they will look to TxDOT as a role model for improving productivity and accounting transparency in Texas.