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Project Updates

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Health and Human Services (HHS) continues to work with NorthgateArinso to develop CAPPS HR/Payroll. Go-live is expected to occur in October 2012.

Project Archives

2011 Updates [+]

September 2011

CAPPS went live on Sept. 1 at DIR and CTTS. The transition was fairly smooth and the few problems that occurred were quickly resolved. CAPPS Subject Matter Experts worked at DIR to be available for any questions or issues.

The Training team continued to update and modify training materials and also conducted training classes at DIR for Planning and Budgeting, Contract Administration, Requisition and Workflow. All training materials were posted online so end users could access them.

The Reporting Team continued developing reports and the universes for user querying.

The HR/Payroll team continued the effort to build and unit test scenarios. The team worked with HHS to review business processes and document system test assumptions. They also presented an overview of the testing approach to HHS and CPA Information Technology.

August 2011

In August, the countdown to the Sept. 1 Go-Live began in earnest as everyone on the Financials team turned their focus to final preparations, including onsite agency support. After verifying converted data in production, agency users began entering fiscal year 2012 data.

The Technical team helped execute technical deployment and final cutover tasks. The team resolved outstanding defects and performed final migrations for production readiness.

August saw the Security team lock down security in the test environment, move it to the conversion region for final cleanup, and then move it to production. Users were then added to the system, and the team completed last-minute requests for security role changes.

The Reporting team reviewed, tested and finalized all reports required by Sept. 1. Once those were finished, the remaining reports were either completed and migrated or were in the final stages of completion.

The Training team conducted 22 classes on 12 CAPPS modules.

The HR/Payroll team continued to work on Technical Design Documents, system configuration and security. In addition, Unit Testing continued and the team prepared for Systems Integration and Parallel Testing.

July 2011

DIR, CTTS and the project team continued to work together to refine the deployment plan and cutover steps for the CAPPS Go-Live on Sept. 1, 2011. This included building the production environment and converting agency data.

The Financials and Testing teams completed CAPPS User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on July 26. Staff from DIR and CTTS tested their end-to-end business and system processes, and the testing showed an exceptionally low defect rate. All identified problems have been fixed.

Technical Team members supported the completion of both the UAT and Integration testing cycles. Performance testing by the technical team continued this month and will conclude in August.

The Security team worked with the functional team and agency users to create appropriate security roles and ensure that end users have correct access. The team also completed documentation for the Information Security Office (ISO) Certification and Accreditation process.

The Training team held the first seven CAPPS classes for agency users and received positive evaluations from participants. Training classes will continue through August, and learning materials will be available to agencies for ongoing training and support after Go-Live.

The Reporting Team has completed development of the second round of reports for CAPPS. There were 26 Business Objects and 15 PeopleSoft reports completed for this phase of development. In addition the team completed development of any fixes that were needed as a result of testing reports.

The HR/Payroll team continues to work on Technical Design documents, system configuration and security. In addition, the HR/Payroll team has started Unit Testing and is preparing for Systems Integration and Parallel testing.

June 2011

The Financials/Testing team completed the Integration Testing phase on June 21. This phase tested CAPPS end-to-end business and system processes, and the team successfully completed 377 test scripts during this time. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) begins July 5, and the Reporting team continued building all remaining report universes. All teams are busy preparing for deployment.

DIR and CTTS testers were heavily involved in Integration testing, and had the opportunity to work hands-on in CAPPS. The team also successfully completed CAPPS connectivity tests in various DIR and CTTS locations.

The Security team created role-level User IDs and worked on finalizing permission lists. The team also submitted procedures and other documents to the Information Security Office (ISO) group required for the ISO Certification and Authorization. In addition, the team continues to work defects for the Functional team.

The Training team completed 99% of the User Productivity Kit (UPK) training content development. The training schedule was finalized and approved by DIR and CTTS.

The HCM team continues to focus on process design and is working on the remaining Functional Design Documents. The team continues their work on testing the newly developed 9.1 environment.

May 2011

The HR/Payroll team successfully upgraded the HHS system from PeopleSoft 8.9 to 9.1 on May 16 and has begun writing the Functional and Technical Design Documents, which are scheduled for completion by June 17 and Sept 19, respectively. The team continues work on system configuration and conversion, as well as application security. Prototyping sessions were conducted for two modules — Talent Acquisition Management and Enterprise Learning Management — resulting in improvements to the Functional Designs. Completion of the Functional Design Documents will conclude the Design phase of the Project and the Build phase will take center stage in preparation for the Testing and Training phases.

On the Financials side, the Testing team finished Functional Test Cycle 2 and 508 Testing for Accessibility on May 6. Integration testing began May 16 and will finish on June 21. Integration Testing by project agency staff began May 26; the system has received positive comments from those participating. The Functional team continued to assist in the development and review of training topics, enabling the Training team to finish 93% of its overall training material by the end of May.

April 2011

The HR/Payroll team successfully upgraded the HHS system from PeopleSoft 8.3 to 8.9. As part of the ongoing review process, the business staff recommended a second analysis of 2,354 previously identified fits. The team also completed the first draft of the configuration workbook and began work on identifying the reports, configuration and conversion inventories.

On the Financials side of the project, April is all about testing, reports and training materials. The Testing team began Functional Test Cycle 2 on March 28 and by the end of April, 80 percent of that test cycle was successfully completed. Cycle 2 is scheduled to complete on May 6. The Integration test plan was completed and is being fine tuned in preparation for execution. Integration testing is scheduled to begin May 16. The team also finished documenting the current system configuration.

The Reporting team finalized the development and functional testing of reports needed for Integration Testing. Prioritization of the second group of reports for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is underway. The Technical team completed Mock Conversion 1 loads and finalized the Performance Testing scope.

On April 26, the Training team presented a CAPPS Navigation and Fundamentals Overview for DIR and CTTS testers. This provided testers with a preview of the CAPPS system before Integration testing begins in May. The overview will be offered to end-users in July before CAPPS Financials training courses begin.

March 2011

The Training team presented a Lunch and Learn session for CTTS on March 31. The agenda covered an overview of ProjectONE and CAPPS, the benefits of CAPPS Asset Management and General Ledger, and updates on testing and training. DIR and CTTS provided feedback on the training Course Descriptions and Outlines.

The Technical team configured and tested the statewide interfaces and completed the coding and unit testing of all customizations needed for the Sept. 1 implementation. Functional Testing Cycle 1 was completed on schedule on March 14, and Functional Testing Cycle Two began on March 28. The Testing team completed the Accessibility Testing of the CAPPS customizations, and the Security team completed the Cycle Two test scripts. The functional team will use these scripts to test page access in the new roles created for CAPPS.

The Reports Team is finalizing the technical specifications for reports needed for Integration Testing, and development is underway on reports that will use the PeopleSoft reporting tools. The Business Intelligence Team is working on the reporting environment that is needed for creating reports with the Business Objects tool.

The HR/Payroll team has completed work on process designs. The team has begun work on identifying additional Functional Design Documents needed for go-live. TAM and ELM prototyping is underway, and preliminary meetings have been conducted regarding conversion tasks and configuration documentation.

February 2011

The HR/Payroll team is finishing up the last six Functional Design Documents (FDDs) and has begun work on process designs. The HR/Payroll Change Control Board (CCB) has approved 132 FDDs.

The Financials team completed functional designs for all remaining customizations. Coding, unit testing and Cycle One of functional testing remain on schedule for completion in March. The team has also completed approximately 70 percent of the test scripts for functional test Cycle Two, which is scheduled to begin in late March.

The Training team presented a high-level training demonstration to Department of Information Resources (DIR) and Texas Department of Transportation staff and members of the Financials CCB. The team continued to work on course outlines and began developing training materials.

The Reporting team continues to work with DIR staff to prioritize and approve designs for the reports needed for the September Go-Live.

January 2011

CAPPS testing began January 24. By the end of January, more than 98% of the test scripts were written for Functional Testing Cycle One. Cycle One tests the specific functionality within a particular CAPPS module, including completed customizations. Cycle Two is scheduled to begin March 22, followed by Integration and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) before the September go live. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Technical team will be testing the technical infrastructure, system performance and accessibility.

The Financials Team completed and received approval for all remaining planned customizations. Functional design, coding and unit testing of these customizations are on target for completion in March.

Requirements for Security, Data Warehouse and Portal were all approved by the Technical Change Control Board (CCB).

The HR/Payroll CCB has approved 112 Functional Design Documents (FDDs) with another 18 complete and ready for CCB approval.

2010 Updates [+]

December 2010

The third of four financial customization development targets was met according to schedule on Dec. 17. Design began on an additional 20 customizations approved by the Steering Committee for the September 2011 launch.

The Financials team conducted agency walk throughs, completed configuration and began writing test scripts. The Technical team is working with the Financials team to prepare for the start of testing activities on Jan. 24, 2011.

The security team has been meeting with the technical team’s new CPA security lead, discussing issues such as the current status of ProjectONE security, security procedures and both short-term and long-term goals and tasks.

The Reporting team continued finalizing report specifications and building the technical documentation to support development using Business Objects. The analysis for the technical specifications is based on the reporting needs by module, and the documentation is on target for completion by Jan. 31, 2011.

The HR/Payroll Change Control Board (CCB) has approved 62 out of 146 Functional Design Documents (FDDs) with another 36 FDDs complete and ready for CCB approval.

November 2010

The second of four financial customization development targets was met November 19 according to schedule. The Financials team completed ISAS upgrade testing and conducted agency walk throughs for all remaining functional specifications prioritized for go live in September 2011. ISAS is the baseline for the new Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS), and this upgrade represents another key step in developing a fully designed system.

The Financials Change Control Board (CCB) has approved 66 out of 95 Functional Design Documents (FDDs), and the HR/Payroll CCB has approved 46 out of 143 FDDs with another 14 FDDs complete and ready for CCB approval. FDDs provide documentation for CAPPS modifications. Once the CCB has approved all of the FDDs, ProjectONE will be ready to transition into the Testing phase.

The Change Management and Training team provided initial training course descriptions to TxDOT and DIR to help determine a preliminary attendance count.

The Security team has completed 80% of the Roles and Permissions list provided by the Functional team. The list identifies specific end user tasks by role, and the Security team uses the list to grant permission within the system for the end user to access the tools necessary to complete their tasks. The Technical team started accessibility testing on the ISAS baseline.

The Reporting team finalized the list of reports to be developed prior to go live in September. Currently 12% of the report specifications have been approved and 73% are in work. The team is on target to complete all of the report specifications by the end of January 2011.

The Testing team finalized the functional test script template, and scheduled script development training with the Functional team in preparation for the Testing activities to begin in January.

October 2010

The ERP system under development now has a name: The Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS).

The first financial customization development target was met on October 22. This is the first of four checkpoints designed to track progress on the system customizations required for the Financials go live at DIR and the TxDOT Central Texas Turnpike System (CTTS) in September 2011.

The Financial and HR/Payroll teams continue to write Functional Design Documents (FDDs), while the Technical team continues to work on the technical specifications and Code/Unit testing. The Financials Change Control Board (CCB) approved 50 of the 94 finance FDDs, and the HR/Payroll CCB approved 30 of the 150 HR/Payroll FDDs.

The Business Intelligence team is working with DIR to ensure their reporting requirements will be met after the implementation of CAPPS. They are also discussing options for adding historical data to the CPA Data Warehouse.

September 2010

Milestone eight, finalizing the Financials Solution Configuration Book, was completed on time. The book included assessment of customizations, system analysis and business process design documents, the data conversion plan and all test plans.

The Financials track for Release 1 is currently ahead of schedule. The Technical Team completed drafts of nine technical specs. Overall, 58 specs have been assigned and are being developed. HR/Payroll has completed 33 functional design documents, with nine receiving final approval from the change control board. Both HR/Payroll and Financials teams are conducting internal and agency walk-throughs to receive formal sign-off approval. Security completed password policy guidelines and production access procedures.

The Reporting Team created a reporting strategy to standardize common reports across multiple agencies while providing ad hoc capabilities for day-to-day reporting requirements. The reporting strategy also determined where the data will go, and the reporting and portal development timelines.

The Change Management/Communication team began drafting a report to the Legislature on the status of the project, and conducted a ‘Name the System’ contest. The new system name will be revealed in October. Training completed drafts of course descriptions for 16 financials modules.

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) started planning activities for the DIR data cleansing effort. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) met with Comptroller (CPA) staff to discuss portal security. TxDOT officials also discussed support for legacy applications not being replaced by the ProjectONE system.

August 2010

Milestone seven, which included role mapping and technical environment installation and setup, was completed on schedule. The Department of Information Resources was confirmed for a financials go live date of August 2011.

The Financials team has completed 100 general business process designs and 15 agency-specific processes. The team has also started creating functional specifications and determining system configuration settings. The Human Capital Management team continues to work on functional specification designs and system configuration settings. The team has completed 23 functional design documents so far.

The Security team completed the initial framework for three of the 12 financial modules: AM (assets management), KK (commitment control) and PB (budget). The team also completed the draft security design and build plan and is working on the security configuration workbook.

The Change Management team completed interviews with all PMO members and presented the results. Information from these interviews will be used to enhance the communications and refresh the communication plan.

July 2010

In July, ProjectONE leaders announced the first six project milestones were delivered on schedule, a significant accomplishment for a project of this scope. The team wrapped up the process design phase and began to prepare for the development of the approved customizations.

As part of the established management review checkpoint at the end of Fit/Gap, the Steering Committee decided the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) should take the lead in upgrading the base HR/Payroll system. HHSC will work with their current vendor to upgrade their system and manage the activity. Upon approval of the scope of work and revised timeline, details will be provided on

June 2010

The Change Control Boards and Steering Committee reviewed and approved all documents related to the Fit/Gap process. The Financials team has moved on to process design and prioritization, while the HCM team is working on functional specifications that will be used to complete the upgrade of the current HSAS system to PeopleSoft 9.1. The Department of Motor Vehicles is delaying implementation of ProjectONE until the agency has sufficient resources to devote to enterprise resource planning.

Behind the scenes, the Change Management and Training, Technical and Security teams are all busy completing tasks necessary to move the project toward implementation.

May 2010

The new and improved website,, was launched. Fit/Gap work sessions and wrap-up sessions ended in mid-May. All HCM Fit/Gap documentation has been completed, reviewed by the Change Control Board (CCB) and forwarded to the Steering Committee for final approval on May 28. Finance Fit/Gap documentation will be finalized in mid-June. Information in the Fit/Gap documentation will be used to develop process designs and to prioritize the customizations that will be made to the system. The Training team began developing curriculum and working with the agencies to outline their individual training plans. HHS, TxDOT and DIR began developing their individual Change Management plans. Accessibility testing began on the HCM PeopleSoft 9.1 baseline.

April 2010

Fit/Gap work sessions began on April 5, 2010. Fit/Gap is the process of examining the system requirements and determining which requirements can be met with the current PeopleSoft functionality (fit), and which requirements will need customization to achieve (gap).

March 2010

Fit/Gap Awareness sessions were held at TxDOT, DIR and HHS during the month of March. These meetings provided participants with information on the Fit/Gap process, timeline and work session expectations. PeopleSoft training continued, and more than 880 seats have been trained to date.

January – March 2010

Over 230 Requirements Gathering work sessions were held between January and March. CPA, TxDOT, DMV, DIR and HHSC sent a total of more than 600 employees to attend the work sessions. More than 10,000 requirements were identified during this time.

2009 Updates [+]

December 2009

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) State Agency Kickoff meeting was held on December 8, 2009, in the Capitol Extension Auditorium. Comptroller Susan Combs delivered the opening remarks, followed by TxDOT CFO James Bass, HHSC Deputy CIO Charlotte Willis and DIR CFO Bob Saathoff. The new project name was announced: ProjectONE (Our New Enterprise). The kickoff provided agency participants the opportunity to learn more about the project objectives, milestones and timeline.

November 2009

In November 2009, contracts were negotiated and signed by the state of Texas to develop and implement the new statewide ERP system. Oracle/PeopleSoft was contracted to provide the necessary software, and Deloitte Consulting was hired to handle implementation. Salvaggio, Teal and Associates was brought in to provide project management. PeopleSoft training began for certain agency staff.

August 2009

The Texas Legislature assessed the ERP Advisory Council's report, A Plan for the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the State of Texas PDF, during the 81st Legislative Session and also assessed which Texas agencies had the most compelling need to implement an ERP solution in the short-term. As a result, the Legislature approved a modified ERP plan with a smaller scale approach that presents less exposure to the state. Under the modified ERP plan, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Department of Information Resources (DIR) will implement ProjectONE for HR/Payroll and Financial applications, and will adhere to some new statewide standards that support transparency and accountability. The ERP system will be maintained and supported by CPA.

Also under the Legislature’s modified ERP plan, the five Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies will utilize the same HR/Payroll software as TxDOT, DMV, and DIR, but may choose to operate the software as a Hub agency rather than joining the CPA’s ERP system. The five HHS agencies are: Health and Human Services Commission, Department of Family and Protective Services, Department of State Health Services, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, and Department of Aging and Disability Services. The five HHS agencies will also have the opportunity to utilize ProjectONE Financials software; however, no funding was provided for that purpose.

On August 13, 2009, the CPA issued a Request for Offer (RFO) to solicit pricing from qualified vendors for ERP Implementation Services. The RFO is posted on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) at To view the RFO and any official postings related to this solicitation, enter Agency Number 304 and Agency Requisition Number 304-10-1071JS.

On August 25, 2009, the CPA issued a Pricing Request for ERP Project Management Services. The Pricing Request was issued under Department of Information Services (DIR) Contracts for Deliverables-Based Information Technology Services (DBITS), Project Management Technology Category. The DIR DBITS contracts can be viewed at