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Vision & Goals

  1. Engage agencies in the project through workgroups and committees
  2. Establish and implement standardized business processes where possible
  3. Establish and implement common data standards where possible
  4. Ensure future ERP system projects are compatible with statewide standards
  5. Adapt our processes to the software rather than the software to our processes when possible
  6. Finalize business requirements for all participating agencies (TxDOT, DIR and HHS agencies) for HR/Payroll and Financials
  7. Deliver HR/Payroll to HHS agencies and Financials to TxDOT and DIR according to the project timeline
  8. Govern through consensus
  9. Meet the requirements of HB 3106
  10. Reuse assets from other State of Texas ERP/PeopleSoft implementations and do not throw out what works
  11. Establish a single set of books while eliminating multiple systems
  12. Provide transparency with appropriate security
  13. Comply with Section 508 and TAC 213 requirements regarding accessibility

using great technology to be on time, on budget and on vision