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CAPPS Governance & Meetings

Agency-inclusive CAPPS Governance

The CAPPS program includes a collaborative, agency-inclusive governance process.

CAPPS Governance allows for the creation and definition of critical project aspects:

  • Application lifecycle
  • Architecture roles and responsibilities
  • Change control
  • Decision framework
  • Fiscal policy
  • System audits

Though CPA serves as the Application Service Provider (ASP) and centrally manages and deploys the CAPPS system, all CAPPS agencies have a representative at the table when it comes to decisions affecting their CAPPS-based systems.

CAPPS User Group Meetings

CAPPS Financials and HR/Payroll User Group meetings are regularly conducted live and via teleconference.

These meetings provide opportunities for voting members, participating agency staff and other state employees to:

  • Stay informed and make decisions on current and future CAPPS service requests (SRs)
  • Provide a forum for prioritizing SRs

User Groups

CAPPS Steering Committee Meetings

The CAPPS Steering Committee is comprised of nine members from agencies participating in CAPPS Financials and/or CAPPS HR/Payroll and is responsible for:

  • Maintaining consistency between current project implementations and CAPPS system maintenance.
  • Granting final approval for all CAPPS system changes.
  • Verifying that suggested prioritization has adequately accounted for state and federal mandates and CPA policy requirements.

CAPPS Executive Committee Meetings

The CAPPS Executive Committee, comprised of nine members selected by the Agency Heads of agencies serving on the Steering Committee:

  • Keeps statewide stakeholders informed of and involved in all CAPPS system changes.
  • Has final decision-making power for resolving system enhancement issues.

ERP Agency Executive Management Meetings

CPA holds a semiannual Statewide ERP Update for Agency Executive Management meeting to share information and announce ProjectONE and CAPPS updates. Invitees include:

  • CAPPS and non-CAPPS state agency heads
  • Chief fiscal officers (CFOs)
  • Chief information officers (CIOs)
  • Human resource officers
  • Information resource managers