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CAPPS Governance & Meetings

The CAPPS program includes a collaborative, agency-inclusive governance process.

CAPPS Governance methodology allows for the creation and definition of critical project aspects, including:

  • Application lifecycle
  • Architecture roles and responsibilities
  • Change control
  • Decision framework
  • Fiscal policy
  • System audits

Though the Comptroller’s office centrally manages and deploys the CAPPS system, all CAPPS agencies are represented when making decisions that affect their CAPPS-based systems.

The CAPPS Governance structure is comprised of three committees — each with nine voting members that represent CAPPS-participating agencies. Voting members may be either designated or elected, based on their agency size and CAPPS platform (Central or Hub). The Governance committees are:

CAPPS Governance meetings allow participating agency staff and other state employees to stay informed on current and future CAPPS system enhancements and deployment activities, as well as participate in special-interest discussions on specific modules or functionality.

Additional information about CAPPS Governance and committee meetings can be found under the Resources section of Fiscal Management CAPPS.