Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 83rd Legislature

Appendix B: Benefits by Module

Core CAPPS HR/Payroll Modules (4)

Core HR

Increases effectiveness of agency workforce-related business processes by streamlining administrative tasks, from managing talent to paying employees.


  • Develops a central repository for employee data and historical records to ensure consistent data across all CAPPS modules.


Provides agencies with a data-driven approach to defining and managing diverse payroll requirements for unique agency business policies, in full compliance with state of Texas statutes and policies.


  • Standardizes payroll calculations for earnings, deductions and taxes to ensure all employees are paid timely and accurately.

Position Management

Manages appropriation budget allocations for approved agency positions.


  • Enables appropriation budget allocations to be efficiently managed for approved agency positions.

Time and Labor

Provides agencies with a time management application that efficiently automates time and attendance record keeping for the entire workforce. Integrates with Project Costing to facilitate expense reimbursements from external funding sources.


  • Access and manage employees’ time worked, leave balances and employee transfers in a single module, with the system providing a rigorous audit trail.