Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 83rd Legislature

Appendix B: Benefits by Module

Additional CAPPS HR/Payroll Modules (6)

Candidate Gateway

Enables job candidates to search and apply for job postings online. Job candidates can manage various aspects of the recruitment process such as completing online screening questions, viewing interview schedules and accepting online job offers.


  • Provides candidates with access to information on the recruiting process.
  • Allows applicants to manage their applications and related recruiting information.
  • Candidate Gateway is integrated with the Talent Acquisition Manager module.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Enables agency employees to enter and update personal information such as addresses and phone numbers, set up and change direct deposit, view earning statements, view and print W-2s, update tax withholding, enter certain voluntary deductions, change BRP elections, view training records, view performance documents and notes, enter leave, enter separation information and view compensation history.


  • Provides direct, secure access to HR data allowing employees and managers to update employee mailing addresses, check payroll deductions, view pay stubs and update/view other personal and payroll-related information.
  • Increases efficiency by alleviating the completion and submission of paper forms and reducing the need for staff to enter data on employees’ behalf.

Enterprise Learning Management

Enables full management of learning-related workforce competencies through a single, unified delivery system. Plan, deliver and track learning activities and tie them directly to core business initiatives.


  • Provides specific, targeted learning objectives to ensure employees learn skills quickly and effectively.
  • Provides automatic notifications to ensure employees know when specific training is due.
  • Maintains class statistics to allow for detailed reporting.

Manager Self-Service (MSS)

Enables agency managers to enter online new hires/rehires, promotions, demotions, merit increases, transfers, leaves of absence, temporary assignments, terminations and to have those transactions requiring approval to be routed automatically through the system. Enables managers to run reports, view employee compensation and salary history, request job audits, change employees’ locations and make reporting changes for employees, and enter and approve leave for their direct and indirect reports.


  • Provides an efficient means of entry and approval of transactions affecting employee pay; alleviates the need to complete paper forms, route the forms for manager approval then enter the forms data into HR/Payroll that can lead to delays in employees receiving timely and accurate payments.

Performance Management

Gives agencies the capability to roll out performance management plans to their entire workforce and measure employee performance based on key indicators.


  • Provides the capability to continuously track and automatically load key performance indicators.
  • Managers can quickly review and track progress of employee objectives, provide feedback and take any action if required.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Integrates complex business recruiting processes into a seamless experience for identifying and hiring new employees.


  • Streamlines the hiring process by enabling agencies to create job openings and review applications.
  • Automatically passes applicant information to the Core HR module once the applicant is selected.