Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 83rd Legislature

Appendix C: CAPPS Agencies’ Testimonials

Nick Villalpando
Chief Financial Officer
Department of Information Resources

Our old system was DOS-based, which gives you a clue as to its age. I can’t say enough about the simplification of some of the business processes we now have within DIR as a result of the CAPPS implementation. Our purchase requisition process is vastly improved through the use of electronic approvals and routing in terms of workflow. Prior to this it was literally a process of taking hardcopy requisitions and manually walking them to each department for the necessary approvals to get a purchase order cut. This has been a vast improvement.

Due to the limitations of our previous system, DIR has historically had to generate management financial reports using very manual processes. Anytime you have manual processes, you introduce inefficiencies and potential errors. CAPPS continues to improve DIR’s financial reporting through the automation of many of our manual processes.

Improved financial transparency with respect to all Texas expenditures and sources of funds is one of the best outcomes we gain from CAPPS.