Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 83rd Legislature


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consolidates aspects of a business within a common system — accounting, payroll, human resources (HR), inventory, fleet management and more. Information is entered once and then carried over to all other functions. This results in much less room for error and greatly reduced manual effort.

Now that the state of Texas has successfully implemented ERP using a combination of the Statewide ERP Platform and Hub models, the Legislature can have confidence going forward that funds allocated to the CAPPS effort will be efficiently and effectively used to achieve the goal of a single source of information built on a foundation of transparency.

By providing agencies with two models for implementing an ERP system, any Texas state agency can join in the Comptroller’s effort to provide a statewide financial and HR/payroll system that allows agencies to manage their operations, minimize conflicting data and provide decision makers with accurate, timely financial and human resources information. This choice leverages economies of scale that realistically translate into long-term benefits for Texas.