Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 83rd Legislature

Detailed Costs (through fiscal 2013)

Project Implementation Costs

CAPPS Financials

The project implementation expenditures incurred to date (fiscal 2010 – fiscal 2012) for CAPPS Financials at DIR, CTTS, CPA and TDI are $28,926,343.

This amount includes $647,469 incurred in fiscal 2012 for the TxDOT Financial Prototype project. The prototype focused on 12 Federal Highway Billing-related requirements and demonstrated that CAPPS Financials can be an acceptable solution for TxDOT. This effort, built on the original functional requirements, provides a conceptual view of a CAPPS TxDOT implementation, including a recommended solution outlining assumptions, required customizations and technical considerations.

CAPPS HR/Payroll

The project implementation expenditures incurred to date (September 2010 – September 2012) for CAPPS HR/Payroll at the HHS agencies (HHSC, DADS, DARS, DFPS and DSHS) are $29,360,505.

This amount includes $9,423,482 for a two-stage software upgrade to allow for the compatibility necessary to implement the HHS agencies on CAPPS HR/Payroll.

For a detailed breakdown of Costs-to-Date, see Appendix D: ERP Financial Project Expenditures byYear and Sub-Project.