Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 83rd Legislature

Go-Forward Strategy

Flexibility — the key to full implementation

The Go-Forward Strategy builds in flexibility for state agencies to implement CAPPS while maintaining the current course of replacing the seven CPA legacy systems with an integrated ERP system for all agencies. Agencies need flexibility in the ERP implementation process to meet their agency-specific business needs. Agencies also need flexibility to choose an ERP solution that is affordable to implement, operate and maintain.

The strategy will achieve statewide CAPPS implementation by offering agencies two basic ERP implementation models. A key component shared by both is a central data repository, or Data Warehouse, maintained and operated by CPA. The two implementation models are:

  • Statewide ERP Platform
  • Hub

Statewide ERP Platform agencies

Agencies that are not designated as Hubs migrate to the Statewide ERP platform — CAPPS — operated by the Comptroller’s office as an Application Service Provider (ASP) on a CPA centralized system that will feed into a statewide Data Warehouse. See Data Warehouse later in this report.

The agencies already on CAPPS Financials — DIR, CTTS, CPA and TDI — follow the Statewide ERP Model. As the Application Service Provider (ASP), CPA has worked with the agencies (and its own internal departments) to customize and deploy CAPPS and continues to work with the agencies on system maintenance.

The Statewide ERP Platform is a “full-service,” full-implementation CAPPS approach that is appropriate for agencies that have the necessary funding to join as an internal user of this system.

Hub agencies

The “Hub” approach offers a flexible alternative to the Statewide ERP Platform model. A Hub agency is generally large, with a complex organization and funding structure. Examples of Hub agencies include:

  • HHS (already on CAPPS HR/Payroll), a complex of five agencies — HHSC, DADS, DARS, DFPS and DSHS
  • TxDOT

As a Hub, the designated agencies will fully fund their ERP solution while providing defined statewide data to the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS), Standardized Payroll/ Personnel Reporting System (SPRS) and the CPA statewide Data Warehouse. The statewide Data Warehouse thus plays an integral role in the success of the overall Go-Forward Strategy.

The Hub agencies will receive a copy of the CAPPS baseline for their ERP system. To be designated as a Hub, several factors will be considered including:

  • More than 2,000 employees
  • Substantial modern ERP investment already made and operational
  • Funding complexity
  • Institution of higher education

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse will be an aggregate database containing a near real-time and nightly snapshot of data optimized for searching and reporting information.

The Go-Forward Strategy includes a focus on a Data Warehouse to work seamlessly with the CAPPS Financials and HR/Payroll platforms. Data would be automatically pulled to the Data Warehouse from the CAPPS applications and augmented with detailed information from external agency systems, making data available for statewide reports, oversight, decision making and information requests.

The Data Warehouse provides an efficient and economical path to a single source of information that allows Texas to reach its transparency goals.

Go-Forward Statewide ERP Strategy

Strengths of the Go-Forward Strategy

Agencies benefit from a CPA-coordinated ERP solution that:

  • Leverages existing PeopleSoft knowledge and expertise.
  • Leverages statewide licensing and maintenance costs.
  • Allows for reporting/Hub agency flexibility.
  • Allows for agency-specific processing controlled by the agency.
  • Allows large complex agencies to keep ERP and non-ERP data closely tied together.
  • Reduces CPA information technology costs (hardware/network).
  • Allows for limiting agency-specific customizations.
  • Reduces implementation and support costs.
  • Increases functionality for USAS and USPS-using agencies.
  • Reduces the need for FTE transfers from agencies to CPA.
  • Focuses on PeopleSoft, not multiple products.
  • Leverages Data Warehouse to achieve transparency faster.

Funding flexibility of the Go-Forward Strategy

The Go-Forward Strategy opens up new possibilities for funding approaches:

  • The larger agencies (Hubs) take the lead roles in acquiring funding for more complex ERP projects.
  • The smaller agencies, those that can hit the ground running with the current CAPPS application, can benefit from the investment made by the current CAPPS agencies (Statewide ERP Platform).

Expansion provides economies of scale. The investment already made by the currently implemented CAPPS agencies translates into efficiencies and cost savings for subsequent implementations that apply the flexible Go-Forward Strategy. This, in turn, creates more efficiencies and cost-savings from knowledge gained and work already achieved.

The CAPPS Modules

Along with the ability to choose between the Statewide ERP Platform and Hub CAPPS implementation models, agencies will have the option of choosing additional CAPPS modules to implement aside from the requisite suite of Core Modules. This flexibility allows bigger agencies with complex accounting requirements to host a local copy of the CAPPS application and add customizations useful only to the agency.

CAPPS Core Modules

The base CAPPS Financials and CAPPS HR/Payroll model is centrally managed by CPA and contains eight Core Modules:

  • Financials
    • – Accounts Payable
    • – Asset Management
    • – General Ledger/Commitment Control
    • – Purchasing/eProcurement
  • HR/Payroll
    • – Core HR
    • – Payroll
    • – Position Management
    • – Time and Labor

CAPPS Additional Modules

For agencies that need more functionality, additional Modules are available:

  • Financials
    • – Billing/Accounts Receivable
    • – Customer Contracts
    • – Grants
    • – Inventory
    • – Planning and Budget
    • – Project Costing
  • HR/Payroll
    • – Candidate Gateway
    • – Employee Self-Service
    • – Enterprise Learning Management
    • – Manager Self-Service
    • – Performance Management
    • – Talent Acquisition Manager

See Appendix B: Benefits by Module for a description and list of benefits for each CAPPS Financials and HR/Payroll Module.