Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 83rd Legislature

Executive Summary

Going Forward

ProjectONE has developed a strategy for implementing CAPPS going forward, addressing the need for budget flexibility, the implementation flexibility required for larger, complex agencies, and changes in the technology marketplace.

Agencies need flexibility to choose an ERP solution that is adaptable to agency-specific business needs and affordable to implement, operate and maintain. This go-forward strategy builds in flexibility for state agencies by offering two basic ERP implementation models — Statewide ERP Platform and “Hub.” A key component common to both is a central data repository, or Data Warehouse, maintained and operated by CPA.

Agencies not designated as “Hubs” migrate to the Statewide ERP platform — CAPPS — operated by the Comptroller’s office as an Application Service Provider (ASP) on a CPA centralized system. The agencies already on CAPPS Financials — DIR, CTTS, CPA and TDI — follow this model. The goal is to have the centralized system feed into a statewide Data Warehouse.

The “Hub” approach offers an alternative to the Statewide ERP Platform model. A Hub agency, such as HHS or TxDOT, is generally large with a complex organization and funding structure. The Hub agencies will receive a copy of the CAPPS baseline for their ERP system. Hub agencies will provide data to USAS, SPRS and eventually the CPA statewide Data Warehouse.

The statewide Data Warehouse plays an integral role in the overall go-forward strategy. It will be an aggregate database containing a near-real-time and nightly snapshot of data optimized for searching and reporting information.