Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 85th Legislature


Appendix A: Benefits by Module
CAPPS Financials – Non-Core Modules (5)

Billing/ Accounts Receivable

Manages the billing process in a single, stand-alone system that integrates with other CAPPS modules including Grants, Project Costing and Customer Contracts.


  • Accelerates bill creation through automated and online bill entry.
  • Leverages receivables functionality to increase efficiency of collections.
  • Focuses efforts on data analysis rather than data collection and produces a diversity of delivered reports.
  • Delivers timely information to customers through automated invoice, statement and dunning letter generation.

Customer Contracts

Manages revenue-generating contracts and creates billing actions. Revenue recognition may be managed by Customer Contracts or General Ledger, depending on agency need. Requires integration with Billing, Accounts Receivable and Project Costing for rate-based contract activities based on cost collection.


  • Tracks all contractual revenue.
  • Tracks all contractual agreement revenue and grant awards (if utilized with Grants).
  • Tracks milestones according to costs (rate-based cost items are collected by the Project Costing module).
  • Fully tracks revenue billed and received through the Billing and Accounts Receivable modules.


Efficiently and effectively tracks grant activities from a Grantee perspective (applying for grants) through proposal, receipt, milestone-tracking and disbursement. Requires integration with Customer Contracts, Billing, Accounts Receivable and Project Costing.


  • Enables complete proposal tracking and seamless generation of awards in a single source.
  • Automatically interfaces to grants.gov and automates sub-recipient identification and Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) tracking.
  • Maintains sub-recipient expenditure contracts in the Purchasing (Procurement Contract) module.


Streamlines inventory processing from receipt to issue in a centralized and integrated system.


  • Provides flexible reporting and analysis tools for managing and tracking inventory.
  • Features automated inventory replenishment triggers and integration with purchasing.
  • Uses express and multi-step order fulfillment processing.

Project Costing

Manages cost collection process with a single end-to-end system; integrated with Accounts Payable, Billing, Customer Contracts, General Ledger and Grants.


  • Enables powerful project analysis and reporting through streamlined asset capitalization and robust billing capability.
  • Allows costs collection against a project in a shared repository for an integrated solution.