Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 85th Legislature


Appendix A: Benefits by Module
CAPPS HR/Payroll — Core Modules (4)

Core Human Resources (HR)

Increases effectiveness of agency workforce-related business processes by streamlining administrative tasks from onboarding to compensating employees.


  • Web-enabled:
    • – Core — accessed by select agency users for non-self-service functionality
    • – Portal — central point of entry for self-service users
    • – Worklist — displays items for managers’ attention
  • Develops a central repository for employee data and historical records to ensure consistent data across all CAPPS modules.
  • Allows for statewide statutory edits.


Provides agencies with a data-driven approach to defining and managing diverse payroll requirements for unique agency business policies, in full compliance with state of Texas statutes and policies.


  • Standardizes payroll calculations for earnings, deductions and taxes to ensure all employees are paid timely and accurately.
  • Uses data stored in and created by the Core HR and Time and Labor modules to automatically build pay sheets and accurately calculate employee payments that comply with statutory and CPA payroll policy requirements.
  • Employees can access pay stubs and W2s through Employee Self Service functionality.

Position Management

Manages appropriation budget allocations for approved agency positions.


  • Allows appropriation budget allocations to be efficiently managed for approved agency positions.
  • Facilitates tracking of filled versus vacant positions.

Time and Labor

Provides agencies with a time management application that efficiently automates time and attendance recordkeeping for the entire workforce.


  • Accesses and manages employee time worked, leave balances and transfers in a single module while providing a rigorous audit trail.
  • Exception time reporting (reporting only when leave is used) minimizes employee time spent entering their timesheet.
  • Through Manager Self Service, managers can approve employee time and run reports on leave used.