Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 85th Legislature

Executive Summary


CAPPS Deployments

Fiscal 2012 — The Department of Information Resources (DIR) comes on board as the first CAPPS Financials agency in early fiscal 2012. In late fiscal 2012, five additional agencies joined CAPPS Financials.
Fiscal 2013 — The five Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies and the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) come on board as the first CAPPS HR/Payroll agencies.
Fiscal 2015 — The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) becomes the first large agency to be deployed on the complete CAPPS system — CAPPS Financials plus CAPPS HR/Payroll.
Nine additional agencies deploy CAPPS — Five on CAPPS Financials plus four on CAPPS HR/Payroll.
Fiscal 2016 — One agency deploys CAPPS Financials; 26 agencies deploy CAPPS HR/ Payroll.
Fiscal 2017 — 11 agencies deploy CAPPS Financials; 13 agencies are scheduled to deploy CAPPS HR/Payroll in July 2017.
Fiscal 2018 — 25 agencies are on target to deploy CAPPS Financials in September 2017.