Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 86th Legislature

Report to the 86th Legislature: CAPPS — ERP in Texas

CAPPS HR/Payroll — Accomplishments

CAPPS HR Accomplishments

From fiscal 2012 through the end of fiscal 2018, 62% of the state’s FTEs are on CAPPS HR/Payroll:

  • 63 Agencies
  • 95,678 Total FTEs

By the end of fiscal 2019, 67% of the state’s FTEs will be on CAPPS HR/Payroll:

  • 14 New Agencies (77 Agencies Total)
  • 103,086 Total FTEs

Our deployment plan for the fiscal 2020–21 biennium will result in 74% of the state’s FTEs being on CAPPS HR/Payroll:

  • 16 New Agencies (93 Agencies Total)
  • 115,594 Total FTEs

By the end of fiscal 2023, CAPPS HR/Payroll is projected to be 100% complete with all anticipated agencies deployed and handling 156,124 FTEs. See Appendix C for an alphabetical list of agencies and their fiscal year deployment date.