Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
CAPPS - Report to the 86th Legislature

Report to the 86th Legislature: CAPPS — ERP in Texas

System Improvements

The primary goal of the ProjectONE team is to deploy CAPPS to all state agencies. The secondary goal is to continuously improve the system in use today. Improvements include:

  • Minor system changes.
  • Major module updates.
  • Implementation of new functionality.

The following key improvements were made this past biennium:

CAPPS Financials — Contract Management

The Legislative Budget Board (LBB) Contracts Database interface captures new and amended contract data that meets the reporting criteria and transmits via a nightly batch process. The files include required contract documentation. Agencies access the LBB Contracts Database to review and confirm the transmitted records for public viewing.

CAPPS Financials — USAS Interface Batch Rewrite

This key CAPPS Financials interface was redesigned using Application Engine technology. This code enhancement provides many benefits including:

  • Supportability — USAS processing errors are easier to support, investigate and fix.
  • Scalability — the functionality can be easily customized based on the agency’s business process and setup.
  • Streamlined Processes — previously separated processes have been consolidated in the main interface, which reduced resource-intensive processes (e.g. Control-M batch jobs, process scheduler, etc.)

CAPPS Financials — Cash Receipts

This new functionality allows agencies to record cash receipt details for Treasury or local bank deposits. This money may come in the form of checks, cash, credit cards, wire transfers or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. Agencies can now track accounting details and changes related to individual cash receipts in CAPPS. The same changes can also be reconciled to the CAPPS General Ledger. Agencies can enter receipt details online or through spreadsheet import. In addition, agencies can view receipt details provided by the Treasury via Scanline, Lockbox and Texas.gov interfaces. Agencies can integrate more effectively with USAS and Treasury systems at the document level.

CAPPS Financials — Inventory Improvements

CAPPS Inventory has been improved to give users the option to use distribution types on transactions, which increases financial accuracy. In addition, users can request supplies without having to contact inventory personnel. Integration between Inventory and e-Procurement Requisition workflow has been enabled to ensure prior authorization before supplies are ordered and the budget is checked to commit funds at the time of the request.

CAPPS Financials — Enhancements, Maintenance Items and Fixes

More than 165 enhancements, maintenance items and fixes were introduced in the system.

CAPPS HR/Payroll — Enhancements, Maintenance Items and Fixes

More than 300 enhancements, maintenance items and fixes were introduced in the system.

CAPPS HR/Payroll & Financials — PeopleTools & Image Upgrades

The PeopleTools 8.56.05 and image 24 upgrades significantly improved query tools and incorporated new features and enhancements delivered by the software vendor.

CAPPS HR/Payroll — Performance Management

The deployment of the new Performance Management module enables agencies to roll out performance management plans to their entire workforce and measure employee performance based on key indicators. Agencies can create, evaluate and approve performance documents, and supervisors can track team goals.

CAPPS HR/Payroll — Dual Employment

Agencies can now pay state employees who are employed by more than one agency through CAPPS. This refers to employees that are employed at more than one state agency or state employees who are also state active duty service members. This new functionality includes the same features agencies were accustomed to in the legacy payroll system.