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ProjectONE’s training team created online, interactive training materials for the new statewide Centralized Accounting and Payroll/Personnel System (CAPPS). Using Oracle’s Web-based User Productivity Kit (UPK) software, training developers recorded the keystrokes and menu options required to complete CAPPS business tasks, such as creating a purchasing order.

Users play these recordings in four interactive modes to learn how to do their jobs in the new CAPPS system.

  • See It!
  • Try It!
  • Do It!
  • Print It!

See It! — Users watch a recording of the steps needed to complete a business transaction or inquiry.

Try It! — UPK guides users through the steps/fields and prompts them to enter the required data before moving on to the next step.

Do It! — This mode allows users to get help while working in the actual CAPPS system. A Help window displays on top of the CAPPS screen providing step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task. This mode operates similarly to the “See It!” option, except the user controls the progression to the next frame.

Print It! — Allows users to print a Job Aid of the topic selected. A Job Aid provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task. It is a quick reference that users can keep at their desk.

UPK increases productivity since it provides reusable training materials. Once a topic is recorded, it can be used to create instructor guides, student guides, job aids and instructor-led classroom training.